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RECON Restoration & Reconstruction Ensures Customers Are Informed

Each project requires a carefully executed clean-up and rebuilding strategy, and that includes a careful selection of the methods and products we will apply. Our Tallahassee restoration techs use advanced products to effectively disinfect, sanitize, deodorize, and decontaminate, and we know how to do so safely. We do understand, of course, that certain sensitivities and health conditions may warrant that we choose other approaches or products, or that you may need to speak with a doctor about the appropriateness of us applying certain products.

Many of these products are quite powerful, and customers may understandably have concerns about any side effects or health risks such products could pose. Whatever the project, we will only use products if you’re comfortable with us doing so. And to help you gain the information you need to make a confident decision about products you have concerns about, we can provide you with whatever information is available for the products in question.

Upon request, we would be happy to provide you with the following literature:

Product Information Literature:

This is not always available, but whenever possible, we can supply you with the product manufacturer’s brochures and other documentation that describes how the product works, why it is recommended for this particular usage, and how to use it.

Material Safety Data Sheet (M.S.D.S):

Per the Federal Right To Know Law, we do have Material Safety Data Sheets, even in cases where the manufacturer may not have provided other literature. This form contains further information about what the product was made to do, how to safely dispose of it, and any health risks the product may pose.

Take EPA-Recommended Precautions

Even in cases where do have full customer approval to use products, there are still basic precautions to take whenever we use biocides, sanitizers, and so forth. Our team of restoration techs will be equipped with protective gear. For everyone else, we ask that you stay out of the treated area while we are in the process of applying these products, as well as immediately after the product’s usage. Unprotected persons without PPE should not return to the treated area until the product has been able to run its course, and the area has been well ventilated.

We’re Committed to Your Well-Being & Peace of Mind

If you or anyone else frequents the property and has specific health concerns, such as allergies, pregnancy, or other health risks could warrant that you keep away from the property for even longer. In such cases, we would encourage you to speak to medical professionals as needed to clear up any concerns or uncertainty.

If you have any further questions about your health and the safety of others around these products, we would be happy to answer your questions. In whichever way we can, we will make sure you have an abundance of information so that you can feel like you’re armed with sufficient knowledge to truly make informed choices. Please don’t hesitate to contact RECON Restoration & Reconstruction today.

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