Product Use

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The use of Biocides, Disinfectants, Sanitizers, or Decontamination Deodorizers may or may not be desirable in the remediation of your property. These products are often applied to help control microbial amplification and/or odors that can occur as a result of the incident you have experienced. In order to better serve you and help you to make an informed decision as to whether or not to have these products applied during this project, we can present you with the following information:

1) Product Information Literature (If Available) Product Names:

This is usually a brochure or other literature published by the product(s) manufacturer, which present the features, benefits, and recommended uses for the product.

2) Material Safety Data Sheet (M.S.D.S.)

This form required by the Federal Right To Know Law describes the safe handling and usage of the product listed above. It provides useful information regarding potential health concerns, proper application, disposal, and safety procedures. Please read this carefully!

It is recommended that during the use of these products, and immediately after use that all unprotected occupants exit the immediate area according to the directions on the products EPA registration label, M.S.D.S. and or Manufacturers Product Information Sheet. We ask that you remain out of the area until the product has had appropriate dwell time and has been properly ventilated. If you, or anyone on the job premises, have any known chemical sensitivities, are pregnant, or have other health status situations, you may wish to consult with a personal physician prior to having the product applied.

We are providing this information so you can make an informed decision. Verbal statements, opinions, or other representations shall not be binding upon us.