Storm Damage

The Aftermath of Storm Damage in Tallahassee

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Here in Florida, storms can strike unexpectedly because of how unpredictable weather can be. From ravaged rooftops to flooded properties, the potential for damage is endless. When heavy winds and hurricanes turn your life upside down, the professionals at RECON Restoration & Reconstruction are here to help. We’re committed to providing solace during one of the worst times a homeowner can face. 

Don’t stress about next steps. Give our team a call at (850) 852-0979 and leave the mess to the professionals. When we’re done, your property will be fresh and new once again.

Storm Damage Tallahassee

If you're struggling after a disaster, our restoration team is ready to help.

Tropical Storm Damage Restoration

Though tropical storms and hurricanes are similar, wind speeds in tropical storms are considerably lower, therefore resulting in less damage. However, less damage doesn’t mean no damage. Tropical storms still create very powerful weather conditions causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage over the past 50 years. Wind and water are the most likely culprits for structural damage. No matter what the cause, our pros have what it takes to get things back to normal again.

Flood Damage Restoration

Flooding is one of the most common forms of damage resulting from a storm in Florida. With our extensive experience handling both water damage restoration and mold remediation, these problems are no match for our team! We take steps to thoroughly inspect moisture damage, completely dry the structures, and rid any mold-infested areas. 

We're Your Rescue After the Storm

We understand how mentally and emotionally draining it can be to get your life back together after a devastating storm hits. With our comprehensive storm damage restoration, families are put at ease and given peace of mind that their property is in good hands. Whether you’re facing flood damage, or full structural take down, our repair and rebuild services are unmatched. The team at RECON Restoration & Reconstruction will travel across the state to ensure your restoration needs are met!

Give us a call at (850) 852-0979 or contact us online to get the comprehensive fire and smoke damage restoration you deserve!

Jessica W.

The team at Recon has helped us out twice with our home. They went above and beyond to make our house safe. Ashley and Steven are always available to help quickly and are highly knowledgeable and professional. They will make sure the job is done perfectly. Thank you guys and your whole team!

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You can rely on us to get your property back to its pre-disaster condition. Find out more when you contact us for a free inspection today.

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What types of storm damage does your company specialize in addressing in Tallahassee?

Our company specializes in addressing a wide range of storm damage in Tallahassee, including damage caused by hurricanes, tropical storms, thunderstorms, hailstorms, and tornadoes. Whether your property has experienced roof damage, water intrusion, structural issues, or debris accumulation due to severe weather events, our experienced team is equipped to provide prompt and effective storm damage restoration services.

How quickly can your storm damage restoration team respond to emergencies in Tallahassee?

Our storm damage restoration team understands the urgency of addressing emergencies in Tallahassee, and we prioritize rapid response times to minimize further damage and ensure the safety of our clients. We offer 24/7 emergency response services, and our team is typically able to arrive at your property within 60 minutes of your call. With our swift response and efficient restoration techniques, we strive to restore your property to its pre-storm condition as quickly as possible.

What steps does your company take to ensure thorough and effective storm damage restoration in Tallahassee?

Our company takes a comprehensive approach to storm damage restoration in Tallahassee, starting with a thorough assessment of the damage and the development of a customized restoration plan. Our experienced technicians utilize advanced equipment and techniques to address all aspects of storm damage, including water extraction, structural drying, debris removal, roof repairs, and mold remediation if necessary. We also work closely with insurance providers to streamline the claims process for our clients, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free restoration experience. With our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, you can trust us to restore your property to its pre-storm condition with precision and care.

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